Vision and Strategy


  • are and will remain an independent and family-run business;
  • have achieved a leading market position thanks to our continued growth in the field;
  • offer innovative services enabling our customers more independence;
  • are and will remain the technological # 1 in our field;
  • encourage and challenge our employees to act responsibly in keeping with our corporate goals;
  • achieve high levels of quality and punctuality by our professional manner; and
  • maintain a solid, sustainable, consistent and long-lasting company philosophy.


We strengthen and safeguard your business. We want to fully exploit the technological possibilities so as to achieve maximum results with minimal resources in the fields of production and distribution logistics.
We have committed ourselves to this clear objective.Being an active partner to our customers is the core value with which we pursue our vision.
Our strategy and decision-making is based on harmonious collaboration.


In order to be a strong partner for our customers in the fields of warehousing, automation, manufacturing and transportation, we rely on important characteristics that are reflected in our commitment to excellence:

  • Innovation
  • Owner-managed business
  • Soundness
  • Precision
  • Transparency
  • Tradition

Innovation: We use our profound engineering know-how to develop cutting-edge solutions that assist the implementation of our customers' logistics systems.

Owner-managed business: Rapid project implementation results from direct decision-making processes and subject-specific expertise at all levels. We put our entire brand behind this promise.

Soundness: A wealth of companies rely on our solutions. Our reference is the reliability of past customer projects. Your project benefits from this experience.

Precision: Quality is our watchword. Highly-trained professionals contribute to our success. They know their subjects inside-out.

Transparency: We explain our methodology to our customers in detail. Not only do we know what needs to be done, but we say it, show it, and explain it as well. The desire for transparency is one we share with our clients

Tradition: We understand the importance of the projects for our clients. As a company enjoying healthy growth, and rooted solidly in the region, we know the importance of our customer's corporate history.