Sustainable strategy and decision-making

Our people

IGZ offers its customers IT solutions that are tailored precisely to their needs. This performance is all down to the expertise of the people that form the bedrock of IGZ's business. With their commitment to intelligent IT solutions, they create the basis for the success of both IGZ and our customers. As a company, we feel particularly indebted to these individuals who form our most precious asset.

Thanks to low employee turnover and their long affiliation with our company, our customers benefit greatly from continuity in their partnership with IGZ. The stability present in our workforce helps us to provide faster and more targeted customer support while ensuring reliability in our project work.

Our customers

Our vision of software is that it should provide long-term solutions. In our capacity as SAP engineers, we offer our customers products that provide direct support for our customers' SAP logistics projects. A long-term view is taken of the profitability of these solutions and is supported by our IGZ Customer Service at all times.

With this approach, we orient our strategy and decision-making on being a strong and reliable partner for our customers. Our contribution to this relationship is our professional expertise. In doing so, we rely on manufacturer-independent SAP software solutions and SAP integration technology.

We strengthen our customers' market position and shield them from the effects of inefficient in-house logistics. This lays a dependable foundation for long-term partnerships that ensure steady business development for both our clients and IGZ ourselves.

The IGZ Software Barn

A solid basis creates the best conditions for growth and development. We aim to be the go-to partner for our customers – always able to offer sound solutions to their challenges. We want to offer a home-from-home for people who can then use their ideas to accelerate our business.

Our Software Barns combine both tradition and innovation. We are committed to the tradition and culture of our origins in Falkenberg, while also being a force for entrepreneurial progress in our industry. Our Software Barn represents a place where proven solutions and the promise of innovation can come together.

The Software Barn embodies logical milestones in the development of our business, providing an area for the development and growth of ideas from the start.

Natural materials

Our IT solutions are reflected in the substance of our Software Barns. Reliable, long-lasting and always transparent– such is IGZ's approach to the planning and construction of its premises and office space. We employ all-natural substances.

Wood, granite and glass play a prominent role in the architectural design of our Software Barns. Both on the exterior façade as well as in the building interior, wood embodies durability and emphasizes the high standards of quality that we have set ourselves.Those that strive towards long-term values need security and stability. Granite embodies these values in the design of our buildings: secure retaining walls made of granite blocks to consolidate the building structure. In the exterior façade and in the rock-solid flooring, granite provides robust stability.Our quest for transparent and traceable software integration is reflected in our use of glass as a building material.

Large windows to the outside and on the inside, as well as glass roof panels, provide brightness and create a positive atmosphere. We pursue utmost efficiency and environmental performance with our heating and air conditioning. Five heat pumps with a total of 32 sinkholes, each drilled approximately 100 metres deep into quality Falkenberg granite, ensure optimum climatic conditions with minimal cost and maximum environmental sustainability. This also ensures the circulation of the energy via a heat exchanger. As a backup support system for outage protection, an oil heater is available for heating two ventilation systems while also allowing for heat recovery.