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Multi-deep storage - when is it worthwhile?

20.10.2023 SAP Automation

When planning new construction projects or expansion measures in the field of intralogistics, the strategy of multiple-deep storage is often favored. But what exactly is behind this? For…

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Insourcing vs. outsourcing: Is there a trend reversal?

29.09.2023 SAP Warehousing

As in all other areas where the shortage of skilled workers is playing a dominant role, the logistics sector is also undergoing ever faster change: warehouse logistics and planning naturally…

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What is a WCS (Warehouse Control System)?

22.05.2023 SAP Warehousing

Even if a warehouse is still running smoothly today, further automation can make sense. After all, various problem areas in the warehouse can still provide an indication that automation…

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Optimize logistics processes

14.04.2023 SAP Automation

In most cases, the increasingly demanding expectations of customers for fast and error-free deliveries as well as constant cost pressure cause companies to optimize their logistics…

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Connecting warehouse lift systems to SAP EWM

22.03.2023 SAP Warehousing

They are considered practical storage solutions in the electronics industry, for small tool parts or even in the medical sector: storage lifts and storage lift systems. Like in a large…

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The Central Goods Receipt

20.02.2023 SAP Warehousing

The incoming goods department has a considerable influence on costs, quality, time and flexibility. It is considered to be the interface, logistical connection or even "the face of your…

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Differences warehouse automation levels

09.02.2022 SAP Automation

For many companies, the topic of warehouse/logistics automation is high on the agenda. But all beginnings are difficult and many rack their brains over which automation level is the right…
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High performance logistics with SAP EWM/MFS

18.01.2022 SAP Warehousing

Every Wednesday at 2 p.m., IGZ invites you to a virtual project presentation as part of its successful Innovation@Work webinar series. Due to the particularly high demand, the central…
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