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Our company's Head Office is based in Falkenberg, in Bavaria's eastern Oberpfalz region. Following its formation in 1999 in a renovated barn – known from then on as our "Software Barn" – our company has managed to achieve a record of strong and continuous growth. In 2005 and 2010, Software Barns 2.0 and 3.0 were completed and began operations. Our expansion at our site in Falkenburg is a clear statement of our commitment to the region.

At our premises here in Bavaria, we develop software solutions for production and logistics that help companies throughout Germany and Europe optimise their company-internal processes in all of these areas.


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SAP Modules

SAP Warehousing
SAP Transportation
SAP Automation
SAP Manufacturing
SAP Warehousing

SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management)

The functional scope offered by SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) provides end-to-end to support for the operational value chain and is part of the higher-level SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM). As a powerful software system for warehouse management and stock control, SAP EWM makes it easier to achieve optimum order execution in all your warehousing activities.


SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain

SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Software is based on SAP's own database SAP HANA and is therefore able to map both transactions and analyses in real time in one system and thus accelerate them as well as significantly reduce storage requirements. Furthermore, the software architecture already fully complies with the ideas of Industry 4.0 as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data.


SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System)

Within the SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business suite, SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) has established itself as a reliable solution for intralogistics processes. One of the recognised standard solutions for warehouse management and stock control, SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) has several thousand installations worldwide and is thus one of the leaders in its industry.


SAP Transportation

SAP TM (SAP Transportation Management)

SAP TM (SAP Transportation Management) is a software component that offers full support for any phase of the transportation process. This process begins with the entry of order documents and extends as far as the settlement of freight costs. The product features offered by SAP TM (SAP Transportation Management) match the needs of haulage contractors and manufacturing.


SAP LBN (SAP Logistics Business Network)

Supply chain networks are becoming increasingly complex. This makes interaction between the players involved more difficult. In addition, there are gaps in the traceability of goods during transport. The consequences of information loss can also be deficient route planning and rising freight costs. One solution to these challenges is SAP Logistics Business Network (SAP LBN).


SAP Automation

SAP MFS (SAP Material Flow System)

SAP MFS (SAP Material Flow System) is an integrated segment of SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management). SAP MFS (SAP Material Flow System) is mainly used in the control of material flows of automated warehouses. Another area of application are complex automated centers for production and distribution logistics.


SAP Manufacturing

SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution)

SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution) is a manufacturing solution that satisfies the production requirements of discrete manufacturing businesses. As a whole, the scope of MES can be exemplified by plant and machine data collection, which are just two of the areas covered by SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution).


SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence)

As a standardised IT platform, SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) integrates vertically into production. At the same time, SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) is also web-based, and links the production cycles of process-oriented production with the SAP ERP (SAP Enterprise Resource Planning) suite.


SAP DMC (Digital Manufacturing Cloud)

SAP DMC (Digital Manufacturing Cloud) is a flexibly scalable cloud MES system that supports production managers and employees on the store floor and guides them through each individual assembly step, even with batch size 1. Analysis functions in conjunction with KPIs and machine learning (ML) promote rapid decision-making. The generated reports can be displayed in the cloud - also in real time.


Our references

Referenz HUGO BOSS
SAP WAREHOUSING | trade / retail / distribution, fashion
The support provided by IGZ helped us to make the overall system lean and manageable.
Rainer Haas | Head of IT Warehousing & Logistics HUGO BOSS AG
Referenz Linde Hydraulics
Insbesondere bei ungeplanten Kurzfristeinsätzen außerhalb der vereinbarten Servicezeiten zeigt sich die wirkliche Qualität eines Partners. Auch hier überzeugt IGZ als Generalunternehmer und verlässlicher Partner auf ganzer Linie.
Dimitri Brinster | Head of Logistics Linde Hydraulics GmbH & Co. KG
Referenz s.Oliver
SAP WAREHOUSING | trade / retail / distribution, fashion
I am absolutely delighted that we were able to handle this system changeover together with IGZ in such an outstanding manner.
Werner Hortig | Managing Director Freier Group Logistics GmbH & Co. KG
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